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Product CAS NO. Molecular Formula Molecular Weight Structure Application
KEBFR 68 21850-44-2 C21H20Br8O2 943.62 SC KEBFR 68 is recommended as an additive flame retardant for polyolefin resins ;and extremely effective for use in UL-94 V-0 and V-2 formulations.
KEBFR 65S 42757-55-1 C18H14Br8O4S 965.5 SC KEBFR 65S is used for Classify by application/Plastic as flame-retardant, widely for PP、PE、PS、ABS .
KEBFR 51 25327-89-3 C21H20Br4O2 624 SC KEBFR 51 is an aromatic brominated flame retardant that is especially efficient, as an additive flame retardant for EPS and in foaming polystyrene .
KEBFR 1300 97416-84-7 C23H24Br8O2 971.66746 SC KEBFR 130 mainly used as flame-retardant, widely for Polystyrene foam , XPS and EPS .
KEOFR MCA  37640-57-6 C6H9N9O3 255.2 KEOFR MCA is especially suitable for PA6 and PA66 .
KELAS ATA 88-68-6 C7H8N2O 136.15 SC KELAS-ATA is used as Acetaldehyde scavenger for PET.
68937-41-7 C27H33O4P 452.52 SC  KEMFOS 35, 50, 65 is recommended as a flame retardant for PVC, flexible polyurethanes, cellulosic resins, and synthetic rubber.
KE MYL 97 1889-67-4 C18H22 238.37  SC KEMYL 97 - Flame Retardant Synergist in fire-retardant polystyrene,PP,PE,PA,ABS etc;KEMYL 97 are commonly used as synergistic coagents toreduce the amount of HBCD required.


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